warning: flashing images.

What Is This?

We are here to combat online toxicity and harassment
and create more space for healthy conversation.

This project is associated with Tensorflow and other "friends"
to help us improve the chat from time-to-time.

  • Chat

Protecting voices in conversation.

In the midst of a pandemic, we may be obliged to use social media as an alternative material for socializing.

Behind the positive side, not all conversations can be positive;
it could include discrimination, insults, bad words, and so on,
which can make the environment a little more toxic and uncomfortable.

And here, we are currently making a new technology to gain your community reputations back to the top.

  • Discord
ray#1337 Founder, Vertigo
H29id#4352 Co-Founder, Vertigo

Protect Your Server From Trolls

We understand that you/us ever have seen someone that came out to the server and start to be an inappropriate person in the universe and left the server immediately without any known reason.

With our customizable moderation behaviour, everything will be set down nicely by the bot.

Enhanced Filtering Type of Conversation

Toxicity is not enough to create the positive environment.

We also can check someone insulting your friend, threatening your friend, being discriminated against, bad-word, obscene, and many.

Behind The Drama

We are currently using Contabo as a server hosting, Google Cloud as a chat database, Tensorflow and Tune as AI chat algorithms.

Let us show what we could do.

Your needs are fundamental to us to maximize the experience and make it a lot easier than expected.

  • Rich Categories

    We detect and categorize more than just toxicity. We don't focus only one point.

  • What is time?

    We don't care about time. We are always online, 99%. We more care about your conversations.

  • Endpoints

    We are using Discord Gateway v8, and Node.js as a runtime.

  • Support Team

    Our Discord server might be dead like a desert. But trust us, we are always active for your needs.

  • Love stories from us

    We start this project literally from zero.

    It's important for us to build relationships between members to gain togetherness and teamwork!

  • Partnership

    About this project, we collab with many servers and services like Blob Project and other discord servers!

Are you excited yet?

We are competitors, building the next generation of MEE6, Dyno, and other bots! Are you interested yet in this beautiful stunning project?